Down with the posse

“The digital era has its place but the physical era of books and magazines for Hip-Hop will always remain on top for true heads for our ‘90's history.

Glad to have been a part of laying some of the necessary bricks in the road.”


”There was a time when Hip-Hop was taking over nationally, thatregional outlets were for some, the only outlet for info. Local scenes thrived via people who loved the culture so much they took it upon themselves to spread whatever news they could. Late night phone interviews, transcribed tape recordings between the stage and the hotel. Magazines, radio shows, dubbed VHS and cassette tapes, these were the tools. The more informed one was, the deeper the connection. This is a time capsule of some of those moments. DIY magazines like Elements were the scrolls to study and digest until (fingers crossed) the next weekly or monthly dropped.” 


“Since I've known Flip and Jay they've always represented Hip-Hop to its full capacity. This book is not only dope, but it's a true indication to their devotion to this genre of music as well as its culture. Nuff respect!!”


“The exhaustive documentation of a specific era of Hip-Hop provided by Elements Magazine is as fantastic to read now as it was then! The old ads are priceless, the Dedos art is timeless and so much new stuff has been added, which makes this little magazine that was first enabled by CiTR Radio in Vancouver an essential purchase! 

Doot doola doot doo ... Elements Magazine! 


“In the ‘90’s, magazines provided vital information to Hip-Hop fans. It was the most consistent way to find out about the artists that we idolized: how they spoke, dressed, thought. I remember hearing about Elements when I was first dipping my toes into DJing on the other side of Canada. In fact, Vancouver was the first city I DJ’d in outside of Quebec. The foundation that Flip and Jay laid back then still stands today. Big up!”



Philip “Flipout” Cabrita

Jay “Swing” Wallace

Nelson “Dedos” Garcia

Published by: FlipNJay Records

Artwork: Dedos

Design & Layout: Matt “DJ Science” Bitts

Publishing Support: TSPA The Self Publishing Agency Inc. 

Website Creation: Michael "DJ Marvel" Henry

Size: 8.75” x 11.25”

Page Count: 300 pages