FlipNJay Records

Contact: flipnjayrecords@gmail.com  

FlipNJay Records’ goal is to honour under appreciated and under acknowledged Canadian Hip-Hop artists and their music by immortalizing their classic songs on vinyl forever. Our format of choice is 45/7inch records, a format that none of our releases have previously been available on (with the exception of FNJ-002 - Maestro Fresh Wes).

FlipNJay releases are a celebration of how Hip-Hop music spread world wide including their close neighbours in Canada, specifically to Toronto, which was a perfect handoff because of its immense Caribbean community. The bond is that Hip-Hop’s first DJ ever, DJ Kool Herc, was a Jamaican immigrant himself and it is the DJ that helps breathe new life into Canadian Hip-Hop from the 1980s, 90s and 2000s.

 The cultural and historic importance of our releases goes beyond just bringing back Canadian classics and putting them on vinyl. Exposing these classic records to a new generation of music lovers is what it is all about.