Perhaps the most important collaborative Hip-Hop song in Canadian history, “Northern Touch” was introduced to the world in 1997 by a posse cut from the Vancouver group The Rascalz featuring guest appearances from Toronto giants Kardinal Offishall, Choclair, and Thrust. This song also introduced a Vancouver up and coming star, Checkmate. 
DJ Kemo from the Rascalz cooked up an EPMD inspired beat that was originally made for a mixtape song for Jay Swing (Tape #18) but later became the multiple award winning iconic Canadian track and has held its weight since its 1997 release on Figure IV Records. 

In an extremely proud event celebrating this monumental song for the first time ever on 7 inch vinyl, FlipNJay Records is highlighting “Northern Touch” as their inaugural release! The disc comes with the catalog number FNJ-001, updated full colour sleeve artwork by original Rascalz dancer and artist DEDOS, and a re-mastered vocal version and instrumental on the b-side. 
FlipNJay Records! Ain’t nobody can bang with us!

The debut single from the godfather of Canadian Rap, Maestro Fresh-Wes, is the cornerstone of Canadian Hip-Hop. Point blank. 
Although the single was originally released as an import record into Canada, Maestro solidified himself as the gold standard for all Canadian hip-hop artists to follow for the next 30 years. 
According to Maestro himself, the origins of the famous phrase “Let Your Backbone Slide” was inspired from a line from Billy Squier’s “The Stroke” and the drum pattern is modelled directly off of the 45 King’s “900 Number.” Those two elements serve as the “backbone” for the video version aka The Power Mix. Add in an intro featuring a cornucopia of original break samples leading into “Funky Drummer”, a chorus with the b-boy standard “The Champ”, vocals from the 808 canon “Set It Off”, AND Wes’s superior lyrical flow and voice and you have the most influential hip-hop record ever recorded in Canada.

FlipNJay Records are very proud to present “Let Your Backbone Slide (The Power Mix)” on 7 inch vinyl for the first time ever in North America featuring the never before available on vinyl b-side “I’m Showin’ You”.
“This is a throwdown!” - Peace to the King Maestro Fresh-Wes!

One of the most prolific, talented and revered Hip-Hop artists in Canada, Saukrates started his incredible career in the mid 90s with a couple of instant underground classics, one of them being “Father Time.” Originally released in 1995 and produced by Day for his imprint Knee Deep Records, Saukrates sounded years beyond his age at the time flowing with incredible confidence over Day’s tick-tock ominous head nodder. It was a real moment for Canadian Hip-Hop.
2020 marks the 25th anniversary of “Father Time” and in celebration, and in concurrence with RECORD STORE DAY, FlipNJay Records are extremely proud and honoured to present the first ever pressing of this classic on 45.
Working with Saukrates on the roll out, the 25 year commemorative release has brand new full cover artwork designed by FNJ chief of graphic design RHEK and the never before available on vinyl “Father Time (2018 Remix)” featuring Canadian rap monster Shad and one of the best rappers of all time, Pharaohe Monch! Signed copies available too!
In the immortal words of Big Soxx: “You can’t fuck with my style.”

FlipNJay Records continue to lay down Canadian Hip-Hop foundation records, brick by brick with each release with FNJ-004. “BaKardi Slang” is more than an anthem. It’s a literal instructional manual outlining the T-Dot vibe, capturing the energy and the slang of the city at the turn of the century. Kardi runs down the difference between New York and Toronto talk over a beat from Solitair that ignited the fire to write the track! The B-side is just as iconic, from the legendary Little X video to the Grassroots produced beat from Mr. Attic, which was originally only a 20 second “skit” on a beat tape, “Ol’ Time Killin’” is THE posse cut from that era.
Double sided banger! Two certified Canadian classics.

We’re back with a FlipNJay favourite! This underground banger is from the early 2000s with Vancouver legends Checkmate and Concise, two of Canada’s dopest MCs ever! This gritty beat, courtesy of Mr. Rumble, features the beast Royce Da 5'9  with an absolute classic verse and the nastiest of cuts from DJ Revolution. The B-side is another Checkmate/Royce collaboration from 2013 produced by the incomparable Hazel. Both tracks mixed by the go-to Vancouver studio technician and producer Roger Swan.

For the first time on 7inch, 45 RPM vinyl, FlipNJay Records presents, “Superstar Pt. Zero” by the superstar himself, K-OS. A record tailor made for DJs from a recommendation from another Canadian legend, Starting From Scratch , “Superstar” features kHeaven from Heaven rapping and singing over the Pal Joey house classic “Hot Music.” Together with the video, an homage to Herb Alpert’s “North On South Street”, featuring some of Canada’s best b-boys and b-girls and house dancers, this track transcended dance circles world wide and has aged like a fine wine.
In collaborating with FlipNJay records releasing his classics onto 7 inch, K-OS decided to celebrate by combining the first release with his newest music to date - “SUPERNOVAS” produced by long time hometown homies MSTRKFT!
A monumental event for both K-OS and FlipNJay as “Supernovas” is the first (but not last) BRAND NEW original music to be released on FlipNJay Records.